Patio doors not only serve a great purpose in allowing access to the garden but they have the ability to create a real wow factor in the home whilst also protecting it from extreme weather conditions.

These types of patio doors are modern, low-maintenance, energy efficient, and in a class of their very own. A Bi-Folding patio door is roughly analogous to an accordion and the panels can slide to one side allowing for maximum opening . As such they do not require a lot of space and are one of the least intrusive types of patio door around They are available in customizable configurations—from two to eight panels that neatly slide and fold away for full access.


A typical sliding patio door usually has two separate panels, which may be made of glass or screens.One is locked into place while the other slides back and forth on either oiled rails or cantilevers. It is a handy set up for cramped spaces since it does not require extra space for swinging either in or out. Moreover, they will not break or bang even if they are left opened and unattended unlike their swinging counterparts.

As sliding patio doors open by sliding into the wall, they don’t get in the way. Sliding doors provide the least obstructive view of the outdoors, allowing more sunlight to filter in and enjoy the outdoor view from inside.


French Doors are traditionally hinged double doors which mainly open outwards, (or inwards by design). When the doors are open you have full access to the width of the opening into which they are installed. However, you are slightly constrained by the maximum leaf size which is usually around the 900mm mark dependent on manufacturer.

In practice the maximum opening width, with both doors open, is approximately 1800mm wide. Having access to the full width of the opening is great for access particularly into homes with restricted access, or smaller gardens where space internally or externally is critical.